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ZeBAze Database Search Engine

Powered by exclusive artificial intelligence techniques and data mining functions, ZeBAze
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ZeBAze Computing
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10 June 2008

Editor's review

Database Administrators (DBAs), often face difficulty in retrieving information from a huge collection of data, as they need to follow a stringent process of database-querying. It may prove to be time consuming, and unnecessarily filters much of the information needed. Now, with ZeBAze. Search Engine 1.0, you can skip that time consuming and unwanted step of querying. The software uses the advanced techniques, such as, artificial intelligence and data-mining mechanisms, to provide a suitable method to database query. The interface of ZeBAze is easy to use, and delivers effortless utilities to its users.

ZeBAze consist of consistent interfaces which can adapt automatically to the data structure of your database and can also acknowledge the four main data types i.e. number, date-time, text and boolean. There is no need to develop particular form each time you query a new database as each type of data has its own interface, tools and options to define your search process. There are two different ways to query the text field. First one is by defining the list of good and bad words and search engine will return only the rows which contain the list of good words. Second way uses the regular expression in which ZeBAze allows you to join many patters as needed to solve and link them with OR, NOT and AND operation. It can connect with any kind of database, spreadsheet table or structural text file. The search result can be displayed on the screen and can even be written into the database that is used by another application or re-used by ZeBAze.

ZeBAze Database Search Engine 1.0 contains a variety of exclusive features that smoothens up the querying process. The software is rated with 4 points for its well-defined interface and for the proficiency it exhibits in its functioning.

Publisher's description

ZeBAze is a new generation of search engine that efficiently transforms the way to query and retrieve information from a database. Powered by exclusive artificial intelligence techniques and data mining functions, ZeBAze shows similar capacities to human way-of-thinking by using flexibility during the search process, freeing users from the usual strict rigidity of database querying.
Users can easily target desired values for several number and date fields and affect specific importance and scale values to any of these fields. ZeBAze retrieves the database's rows that are closest to the specified preferences, using an overall and flexible understanding of the search criteria to rank them accordingly.
ZeBAze also extends its functionality to the in-depth analysis of text, number and date values with regular expressions, and provides all the classic search criteria that can be expected from a search engine. User friendly, ZeBAze automatically adapts to any database structure with fit-them-all interfaces and the search results can be displayed on screen or written into the database to be re-used with ZeBAze or another application. ZeBAze can be connected to almost any database, spreadsheet table or structured text file, without prior modification.
ZeBAze Database Search Engine
ZeBAze Database Search Engine
Version 1.0
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